Bathroom Design Services

Bathrooms are complicated spaces with a lot of moving parts and figuring out your new bathroom layout can be daunting. Luckily, Love Of Function can let you try before you buy with 3D CAD layouts.

Full Service CAD drawing

For $899 we will measure and recreate your space in our cad software. From there we will begin creating options for what your space could be. The options take into consideration budget and structural limitations and hurdles. Since every remodel comes with it’s own set of unknowns, we always have a backup plan ready, and you have out services until the completion of your project.

3 hour consultation

For $299 we will brainstorm all aspects of your bathroom transformation. We bring every tool at our disposal to give you the best understanding of what your options are and how to proceed. This includes our Renovation Tool Kit, which is a custom day planner for remodeling.

Virtual Design

Don’t live in Texas? Don’t worry about it. For $549 no matter where you are we can work together. If you already have a contractor, have them send measurements to me. If not, I can coach you through measurements via a virtual call. Other than me never having to put on nice clothes, this virtual service is exactly the same as the Full Service CAD drawing. Additionally, if you do live in Texas, or next door to us, but would still like to take advantage of the virtual design service that is completely fine.

Let’s get started!