Welcome to Love Of Function

Hello Weird Homes Tour fans! I had a blast co hosting the virtual tour with my good friend, Ross. I absolutely love seeing the awesomely weird ways that people have made their homes undeniably theirs.

Here at Love Of Function we:

✅ Help people visualize the options for their space with the use of CAD tools.

✅ Help problem solve solutions for a more functional space.

✅ Create a floor plan and elevations for easy contractor bidding.

We’ve helped clients with:

✅ Kitchen remodels

✅ Bath remodels

✅ Home additions

✅Garage conversions

✅ Backyard renovations

✅ Home office creation

We use CAD tools as though it were modeling clay to tinker with options and show them to you. Start your next project off right with a dimensioned plan that you’ve seen in 3d and you know you like. To further decrease the amount of surprises in your project, we offer flat rate prices at reasonable rates.

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