One Room Challenge: Week 6 Reveal

Ugh, it is safe to say, I was a little in over my head with trying to do two rooms in only 6 weeks.  Jesse told me so, but I didn’t listen.  Especially when we’re doing everything ourselves, and working, and living life in general.  The boys room is pretty much finished, but the girls room still has a lot to be done.  We two more months before our exchange student gets here, so whatever, I’ll finish it before then.  With my day job, I get to put together the plan but hand it off to someone else to implement.  It’s so much more fun that way!

I was feeling pretty great about how the boys room turned out.  It’s super cool and fun, and they already love hanging out up there.  Then I saw this.  O.M.G. That is beautiful.  I kinda don’t wanna show mine now.  But I will.

Here is the boy’s room before… when it was a girl’s room.

2016-04-12 14.15.27

And here is the boy’s room now!



And my favorite but flawed area, the toy/wii area.  Flawed because of that bit of black paint that my 3 yr old added.  Ugh, kids!  I mean… they’re a blessing…


As for the girl’s room, here is the before.

2016-04-12 14.13.51

And as for the after, well this is the best I can give you right now….

Me putting together IKEA furniture and clearly moving my left leg during a panoramic picture.

I definitely accomplished the goals I set out to achieve, which is exactly the reason for the mess in the girls room.  My daughter and her friends were in there playing no less that 30 minutes before this pic was taken.

The one room challenge was very hard.  I think I’ll be sticking to kitchens and baths from here on out… and letting someone else put those together!

Come back tomorrow for a new kitchen after photo post!




One Room Challenge: Week 3

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I’m so exhausted!

This weekend, the paint came out.  I spent Saturday and Sunday crawling around on a tarp and shooing the kids out of each room.  I managed to paint he entire girls room gray, the pink wall to black, and the boys bed black.  Things got a little sloppy toward the end when my four year old went rogue with a brush.

Here are the before and after shots I took just of the walls.

before after paint

Good riddance red letter border!  Sunday evening and Monday evening we got the kid’s beds put back together and got a few furniture pieces put in their place.  I filled at least three trash bags with hidden junk the kids had hoarded, like rocks, and literal pieces of garbage that they, at some point, thought they would up cycle into something cool.  (Edit: I just realized that in saying that about my kids, I described myself and the contents of my garage)

Monday night we tried to get most everything from each room switched over and somewhat arranged.  Now I’m figuring out how to mix the old decor with the new.

2016-04-19 16.05.49

This butterfly, in particular, has been around for a while and we usually just half heartedly hang it around wherever we can find a thumb tack.  I definitely won’t get rid of it, so now I’m thinking about creating a giant, old school, Entomology type display out of it.  I think that would be cool.

2016-04-19 16.03.30

My husband actually threw the desk area together in the girls room.  I think he did pretty well.

The boys room is actually coming together even easier than the girls.  They spent their first night in their newly painted bunk beds on Monday.  Really, all I have to do to complete their room is to paint the toy bin, hang the super hero pics, and get a sofa bed.

I previously thought I would get the IKEA PS sofa bed in black and white, but I was perusing the store and online today when I came across the Lycksele Lovas.  It is just as comfy and about $150 cheaper.   Opinions on this are welcome in the comments.


Decisions! We’ll see what I can accomplish this coming week!

– Alecia

One Room Challenge: Week 2

Welcome to my One Room Challenge!  I missed week 1, but I can fill you in quickly. Also, check out other one room challengers here!

Week 1 was nothing but a bunch of back and forth, and debating with my husband about how exactly we should set up our daughter’s room so that she can share with our first exchange student due to arrive sometime in August.  After much deliberation, we decided that a teenager rooming with a 9 year old would need a bit more space than was currently available.  That’s when we decided to switch the kid’s rooms.

Right now, the boys, ages 4 and 7, have the larger room.  We haven’t touched the paint in there, or done much decorating at all because I couldn’t figure out what to do.  We threw in a bunk bed, and a pull out twin to accommodate guests, and called it day.  They may be moving to a smaller room, but I think when we’re done, they will consider it a major improvement.

My daughter’s room, that she will soon be sharing, was already painted bright green and pink, but it worked so we left it.  She uses the same full size bed that we’ve had for years.  She has a funky chair, and an old desk that we painted a fun color.  We’ll be keeping  almost all of that when she moves to the big room.

2016-04-12 14.15.272016-04-12 14.13.51

The style I’m going for in both rooms is fun and colorful with plenty of personal space to express one’s self.

Boys room one room challenge board

For the boys room, we’re keeping the green that is already there, and painting the pink wall black.  A chalk paint closet door would be lots of fun, and I’m more than a little obsessed with the Jansjo clamp light from IKEA.  I have one on my own bed for reading and the boys like to sleep with a light on.  Now they can each have their own.  Finally, so that we can still have guests sleep in the boys room, we’re going to get an IKEA Murbo sofa bed.  I love the black and white check pattern.

Girls room board

My favorite thing that I can’t wait to do in the girl’s room are the clothes line photo hangers!  Maybe I’m romanticizing, but I keep imagining our exchange student filling the line up with pics of her American high school experiences.  I want everything about their room to be bright and fun…. and again with my favorite clamp light!

Before I start taking apart, and putting back together furniture, I wanted to get an idea of where it will be going.  I love using sketchup to experiment with layout options.  Otherwise, an entire day would be spent pushing furniture from one end of the room to the next.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 21.41.15
Disregard most of the colors

Wish us luck this week as we get our the paint rollers and start disassembling furniture!