5, Must Stop, Inspirational Shops for your Remodeling needs in Austin, TX

Other than space planning, I also offer material sourcing to my clients here in the greater Austin area.  That means I’ve been all over the city looking for everything to cover your remodeling needs from floor to ceiling.  This is a list of my top 5 favorite places to shop for your next project. Continue reading “5, Must Stop, Inspirational Shops for your Remodeling needs in Austin, TX”

Asymmetry Saturday #3

Just some stuff I saw over the last two weeks.  Keeping things awesomely lop sided.

This amazing door in Waco, Tx.

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This fun ceiling decoration I saw at a thrift shop in Burnet, Tx.

2016-05-27 13.12.32

Some really cool dressers.  One from Hobby Lobby, and another from IKEA.


Old school architecture in Georgetown, Tx.


One Room Challenge: Week 6 Reveal

Ugh, it is safe to say, I was a little in over my head with trying to do two rooms in only 6 weeks.  Jesse told me so, but I didn’t listen.  Especially when we’re doing everything ourselves, and working, and living life in general.  The boys room is pretty much finished, but the girls room still has a lot to be done.  We two more months before our exchange student gets here, so whatever, I’ll finish it before then.  With my day job, I get to put together the plan but hand it off to someone else to implement.  It’s so much more fun that way!

I was feeling pretty great about how the boys room turned out.  It’s super cool and fun, and they already love hanging out up there.  Then I saw this.  O.M.G. That is beautiful.  I kinda don’t wanna show mine now.  But I will.

Here is the boy’s room before… when it was a girl’s room.

2016-04-12 14.15.27

And here is the boy’s room now!



And my favorite but flawed area, the toy/wii area.  Flawed because of that bit of black paint that my 3 yr old added.  Ugh, kids!  I mean… they’re a blessing…


As for the girl’s room, here is the before.

2016-04-12 14.13.51

And as for the after, well this is the best I can give you right now….

Me putting together IKEA furniture and clearly moving my left leg during a panoramic picture.

I definitely accomplished the goals I set out to achieve, which is exactly the reason for the mess in the girls room.  My daughter and her friends were in there playing no less that 30 minutes before this pic was taken.

The one room challenge was very hard.  I think I’ll be sticking to kitchens and baths from here on out… and letting someone else put those together!

Come back tomorrow for a new kitchen after photo post!