I am a person who wants to know what things cost up front.  Scratch that, I NEED to know.  I do not have endless funds, the budget is real, and I need to know where to fit in a new expense.  I have a simple selection of flat rate services that you can work into your overall project budget ahead of time.  If you need something extra, or more customized, feel free to call or fill out my form and let’s talk about it!

  • Planning and ideas consultation $199 (If another service is purchased, $100 from the initial consult will be applied to that service cost)

For up to 2 hours we will have an in depth discussion, identifying the pain points of your space and brainstorming possible solutions.  We will also get started on filling out your new project log that you will keep and use to track bids, material costs, create goals, and manage your timeline.  Measurements of your space will be taken and added to the grid sheets in your project log with sheets of overlying vellum to sketch out ideas.  You can come away from your Plan and Hand Sketch session informed and ready to confidently tackle your remodel.

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  • 3D Sketchup drawings and layouts: $699 per room with 4 revisions (+$50 per each adjoining room)

If you are unsure or indecisive, having a 3D mock up of your space can make all the difference.  We can work through ideas and the final decisions will be made with confidence.  That’s when you will also receive the floor plan and elevations of the decided upon layout, with dimensions and notes, making your wishes clear to contractors and easy to bid on.

  • Material sourcing and selection assistance: $199 for up to 90 minutes at 1 store, or $299 for up to 3 hours at 2 stores.

If all you need is assistance to quickly and confidently find the perfect materials (think tile/wallpaper/cabinets/fixtures) to include in your project, I can help you with that.  I can pick among many of my favorite locations based on your style and needs, and you can have your materials selected in a matter of hours vs months of weekend shop hopping.