IKEA Kitchen #12: Bodbyn Gray

Bodbyn Gray has been a very popular look in IKEA’s kitchen line.  This remodel took the homeowners from a small galley kitchen separating the house into two distinct halves, to bright, open, and free flowing.  Taking out the wall on the right was a process.  We weren’t sure how much of it needed to stay, and tweaks were made to the plan throughout demo.  Note, the beam over the fridge space, and the pantries surrounding the window.  A special thanks to WWB Photography for the amazing after photos!


And After

IKEA Kitchen #11 Bodbyn Gray

Installation and construction by Quick and Easy Kitchens.  See the cost break down at the bottom of this post.


In the after photos, you’ll notice that the oven is no longer on the sink wall.
We kept the new cooktop in the same place as this slide in range so there would be no need to move the gas line.  The fridge moved to a different wall and a doorway was added in that location.
This piece of furniture moved to another room and this became the fridge/oven/pantry wall.



Without the double oven, the sink and window area now feel much more open and bright.
Where the antique hutch once was, is now the fridge/oven/pantry area.  I personally like having all the large pieces of the kitchen together.  It allows the rest of the space to be open and uncluttered.
Where the fridge was once located is now a door to the next room.  I also like that they decided to change the laundry room door to a decorative sliding barn door.  And that butcher block!  I want one!!!
I’ve worked with this IKEA door style a lot and what I’ve found is that it works so well when paired with warm colors and textures.  You have to strike a nice balance.  There is so much terra-cotta and the butcher block is big enough that the bright white countertop was an excellent choice.


Gorgeous semi warm and rustic back splash.


My favorite feature in IKEA cabinetry… Drawers, drawers, and more drawers!!!

Cost break down (Rounded numbers from various bids and few product approximations):

Cabinets/Appliances/Fixtures  $11,000

Countertop  $3000

Labor (Demo/structural/electrical/plumbing/cabinet installation/tile installation/ect) $15,000