What does your IKEA Kitchen planning service offer?

Have you considered going with IKEA for your kitchen remodel?  Between the soft close drawers, the 25 year warranty, and the price, an IKEA kitchen is hard to pass up.  As a person who formerly worked for IKEA and has planned literally hundreds of IKEA kitchens, I can tell you I wouldn’t hesitate to use their cabinetry.12803100_10153958395267065_9139357942140047018_n

But IKEA kitchens are complicated.  Every hinge, shelf, drawer, door, frame… they are all separate pieces and there are plenty of ways to get it wrong.  Lucky for you, Love Of Function knows every one of those pieces and how they can be rearranged and reconfigured to created cabinetry that is customizable to a startling degree.

When Love Of Function plans your IKEA kitchen, we show up in person to take detailed measurements.  Then we will draw the space in IKEA’s online tool.  Each cabinet will be discussed in depth as it is inserted into the drawing.  Where do you keep your utensils?  How about a pull out trash can near the dishwasher?  Or would you prefer it nearer to the entrance of the kitchen?  Now that you see those horizontal cabinets you don’t really like them?  No problem.  We can change anything and everything right there in front of you until you love it.  b43359b0-e350-4707-b8b9-7d52aac7c9cc.1.10

After the IKEA kitchen design is complete and to your satisfaction, we will work with our Round Rock, TX store to get your order set up correctly.  All you’ll need to do is call in and pay.

There are other places you can go that offer IKEA kitchen planning, but be aware of the limited number of revisions you will be allowed, and if it is in home planning.  Sometimes your measurements will be sent to a remote planning farm in another part of the country.  In those cases, the nuances of your space will not be accounted for.

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Summer ’18 and Reckless Renovation

It’s been a busy summer, ya’ll.  We bought a pop up camper, so now on instagram in addition to my work, I’ll occasionally slide in some fun camping pics.

We had to prepare my daughter’s room for our incoming exchange student.  That meant getting organized and and getting rid of some things so that we can better maintain a higher level of cleanliness.  My good friend Chappell (ugly stuff aficionado. See below) of Chappell Oats Organizing worked 1 on 1 with Alaurie to pick what goes, what stays, and where it should be stored.  It’s a big deal.  The room looked “clean” because there weren’t any items scattered across the floor, but you couldn’t find anything (or properly put things away) because every flat surface and every drawer was a random assortment of junk haphazardly crammed in.  If you live in Austin, get Chappell out to your house.  I don’t hate going upstairs anymore.

Lastly, we did some stuff on our reckless entryway/closet tear out renovation!  Brad found some free old cedar fencing and brought it home to use on the walls.  I was still bouncing ideas around, but “free material” made the decision for me.  It always does.


Obviously, there is still a lot to be done.  the ceiling needs some sanding and painting, and the floor…. the floor will kill us when we finally go for it.  I’m also scouring the internet for a cool pair of vintage chairs.  Not mid century modern, but more “Grandma’s ugly chair” type of chairs.  I say ugly, because myself and two of my closest friends absolutely love the gaudy lamps and floral print furniture of past generations that are sometimes viewed as unfavorable. I love the 70’s vibe that the entry is giving off now.  It makes you want to have a scotch at 10 am.

Have a great week!  Knock out a wall or two.  It’ll be fine.

5, Must Stop, Inspirational Shops for your Remodeling needs in Austin, TX

Other than space planning, I also offer material sourcing to my clients here in the greater Austin area.  That means I’ve been all over the city looking for everything to cover your remodeling needs from floor to ceiling.  This is a list of my top 5 favorite places to shop for your next project.

Are you into fun patterns and bright colors?  Do you want that floor/shower/backsplash that wows your friends and begets passive aggressive commentary from envious bores  (You know who I’m talking about. The one’s who use phrases like “resale value” and “white subway tile”.  They wish they could be so bold.)?  If so, Clay Imports is a must see.  It is impossible to not be inspired by their exuberant offering.

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I discovered this place by chance one day when scoping out another nearby store.  I was in awe of their incredibly unique selection of all pre 1960 vintage lights.  From table lamps and floor lamps, to sconces and chandeliers… they have it all.  Perhaps you just need a shade, or some new globes on your fan?  They have that too.  If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of options, the extraordinarily helpful staff can assist in your search.  If you want a light that no one else has, this is your store.




I just recently gained a client who was interested in wallpaper.  It’s not very common, so I hadn’t thought about where I might go.  The second I stopped into Wallpapers To Go, I loved it.  It’s like walking into Ollivander’s wand shop (shout out to my wizards!).  There are rows upon rows of wallpaper books, so where do you even start?!  Don’t worry, the shop owner has you covered.  You just let him know the style, or type of thing you’re looking for and he breezes through the shelves pulling the perfect books for you to browse.  Spread them all out on the long table and discover how the world of wallpaper has changed since 1995.

Some homes have a perfectly fine cabinet layout and a complete remodel is unnecessary.  However, the kitchen is just kind of dated and ugly.  That’s where Patton can help you!  They have a vast selection of beautiful doors, but can also make custom doors or match an existing door.  Also, their lead time is somewhere around only two weeks.  I’ve priced out a complete kitchen cabinet refacing for one client so far and I’m convinced you can’t do it anywhere else cheaper.

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the scratch and dent section!  What if I told you there was a store that IS the scratch and dent section?  That’s what Neu Appliances is!  They offer appliances that have been gently used and refurbished.  The prices are fantastic and with a standard 30 day, and optional 1 year warranties, you are just as well off purchasing from them as anywhere else.  Pro tip: Start scouting out their selection ahead of time.  The inventory changes often and I’ve seen everything from practically new french door fridges to vintage gas stoves.


Now that you’ve remodeled, you’re going to need some awesome new accents, and who doesn’t love a good thrift store?  Of course there are plenty of other vintage stores in Austin but Room Service is unique in that it isn’t all mid century modern, and most things are incredible affordable.  They also have a very wide range of offerings.  They sell furniture, art, clothing, lighting and so much more.  This is a place I like to stop in on often because the inventory is constantly changing.  Follow them on instagram for the scoop on new arrivals!

I hope you enjoyed this list and that you pop in on some of these wonderful businesses soon.  As always, if you are in need of space planning or interior design assistance, fill our my form and tell me about your project!