About Me

My name is Alecia Taylor and I love a functional space!  As a design student at Collin College and El Centro College in Dallas, I gravitated toward CADD and loved how software could help you visualize a space.  Every space has it’s own set of challenges, whether they be budget related, or structural, and I  do very much enjoy finding the solution to the puzzle.  Having a professional plan can save you a lot of wasted money and heartache down the line.  I pride myself on being affordable and listening carefully to what YOU want out of your space.  I separate out my services and charge flat rates per task.  In my own life, price and budget matter so there are no hourly rates and you will know what you’re spending before you even start.


Some more innocuous fun facts about me:

I was born and raised in Tom Bean, Tx just outside of Sherman.  My graduating class had 48 people.

I started running marathons in 2009 and haven’t stopped.  The best one I’ve done was on The Great Wall of China in 2015.

I have three kids.  Alaurie is 11, Braden is 9, and Oliver will soon be 6.  If you follow my instagram and see the posts from inside my house, these three kids are why it looks the way it does.

We occasionally host an exchange student for an entire school year. So, in addition to my three previously mentioned kids, I have one Swedish host daughter (Hej Klara!), and one Japanese host daughter (Kon’nichiwa Ririka!).

I also have two fur kids.  Lucy is a 15 year old Italian Greyhound mix, the baby before I had babies.  Eloise is our 2 year old recently adopted retired greyhound.  She’s a fun bundle of energy.

I’ve been married to my husband, Brad, for 13 years and counting.