A modern update to a 90’s kitchen

It’s so exciting to see a space come together exactly as the drawing depicts.  In this kitchen everything was spot on.  I’m so excited to show you!

Let’s start with the before photos.


The kitchen was previously dated and just lacked any “wow” factors.  It also had a huge inefficient corner pantry.  On to the after photos!  See more about the planning process at the end of this post!

NOTE: These cabinets are from my good friends at Cabinet Kingdom here in Round Rock.

IMG_7682 2-1IMG_7680 2-2IMG_7679 2-1IMG_7678 2IMG_7673 2IMG_7672-2.jpgIMG_7671 2

We went through multiple rounds of options that varied quite a bit.  A goal was to get the stove centered on the back wall and that was going to be impossible without removing the corner pantry.

Below you’ll see an option where kept the existing corner pantry.  This layout was great, but it didn’t have the symmetry we were looking for.  Also, the client had expressed a desire for a double oven AND plenty of counter space.  With so much square footage being occupied by the corner pantry, alternative solutions were needed.  That’s why in this option you’ll see that I used a much wider range that serves to fill the role of the double oven.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.43.01 AMScreen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.44.20 AM

Now, the drawings from the final layout.

Kahn sketch frontScreen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.31.31 PM

And here is a comparison from before > drawing > after.

Kahn Before plan after

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