What does your IKEA Kitchen planning service offer?

Have you considered going with IKEA for your kitchen remodel?  Between the soft close drawers, the 25 year warranty, and the price, an IKEA kitchen is hard to pass up.  As a person who formerly worked for IKEA and has planned literally hundreds of IKEA kitchens, I can tell you I wouldn’t hesitate to use their cabinetry.12803100_10153958395267065_9139357942140047018_n

But IKEA kitchens are complicated.  Every hinge, shelf, drawer, door, frame… they are all separate pieces and there are plenty of ways to get it wrong.  Lucky for you, Love Of Function knows every one of those pieces and how they can be rearranged and reconfigured to created cabinetry that is customizable to a startling degree.

When Love Of Function plans your IKEA kitchen, we show up in person to take detailed measurements.  Then we will draw the space in IKEA’s online tool.  Each cabinet will be discussed in depth as it is inserted into the drawing.  Where do you keep your utensils?  How about a pull out trash can near the dishwasher?  Or would you prefer it nearer to the entrance of the kitchen?  Now that you see those horizontal cabinets you don’t really like them?  No problem.  We can change anything and everything right there in front of you until you love it.  b43359b0-e350-4707-b8b9-7d52aac7c9cc.1.10

After the IKEA kitchen design is complete and to your satisfaction, we will work with our Round Rock, TX store to get your order set up correctly.  All you’ll need to do is call in and pay.

There are other places you can go that offer IKEA kitchen planning, but be aware of the limited number of revisions you will be allowed, and if it is in home planning.  Sometimes your measurements will be sent to a remote planning farm in another part of the country.  In those cases, the nuances of your space will not be accounted for.

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