Summer ’18 and Reckless Renovation

It’s been a busy summer, ya’ll.  We bought a pop up camper, so now on instagram in addition to my work, I’ll occasionally slide in some fun camping pics.

We had to prepare my daughter’s room for our incoming exchange student.  That meant getting organized and and getting rid of some things so that we can better maintain a higher level of cleanliness.  My good friend Chappell (ugly stuff aficionado. See below) of Chappell Oats Organizing worked 1 on 1 with Alaurie to pick what goes, what stays, and where it should be stored.  It’s a big deal.  The room looked “clean” because there weren’t any items scattered across the floor, but you couldn’t find anything (or properly put things away) because every flat surface and every drawer was a random assortment of junk haphazardly crammed in.  If you live in Austin, get Chappell out to your house.  I don’t hate going upstairs anymore.

Lastly, we did some stuff on our reckless entryway/closet tear out renovation!  Brad found some free old cedar fencing and brought it home to use on the walls.  I was still bouncing ideas around, but “free material” made the decision for me.  It always does.


Obviously, there is still a lot to be done.  the ceiling needs some sanding and painting, and the floor…. the floor will kill us when we finally go for it.  I’m also scouring the internet for a cool pair of vintage chairs.  Not mid century modern, but more “Grandma’s ugly chair” type of chairs.  I say ugly, because myself and two of my closest friends absolutely love the gaudy lamps and floral print furniture of past generations that are sometimes viewed as unfavorable. I love the 70’s vibe that the entry is giving off now.  It makes you want to have a scotch at 10 am.

Have a great week!  Knock out a wall or two.  It’ll be fine.

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