February, a little late…

I definitely missed the deadline on this post and I don’t have very many excuses because this was a slow month.  I didn’t gain a single new client for the month of February.  I need to talk to my marketing manager (me, lol) and see what we can do about this.

Even though I didn’t gain any new clients, I did still have work to do for current clients.  I gained so many clients in January that a decent share of work bled over into the next month.  I was also fairly busy in my non work life.

First, we hosted two Uruguayan teachers for two weeks.  Brad (my Business Analysis Executive (BAE)) and I love having people from other cultures in our house.  He grew up hosting exchange students from all around the world, and we hosted our own for the first time last school year.  Klara, who came to us from Sweden, is still part of the family and we love her dearly.  This opportunity to host a teacher came to us somewhat last minute.  Our neighbor organizes and places the Uruguayan teachers with other Austin ISD teachers.  Since there weren’t enough AISD teachers to host, we and another family in our neighborhood open up our homes.  We actually ended up with two teachers, and I don’t think we could have asked for a better pair of women.  They taught us how to drink mate, and we introduced them to breakfast tacos.  They also helped me work on my terrible Spanish.  Two weeks wasn’t long enough.  We miss you Sophia and Natalia!

The next thing we did was get a new dog!  When I was 19, I found my first greyhound at the pound in Sherman, TX.  He was with me for 10 years, my companion through all of life’s ebbs and changes.  For the last 5 years I’ve been fine with just our little dog in the house, then toward the end 2017 I got the itch to be a two dog house again.  We started by fostering with Greyhound Pets of America.  Our first guy was a 9 year old named Anoop who had spent a huge chunk of his life as a donor at a now defunct pet blood bank.  He was eventually adopted and we waited for our next pup to come along.  I picked Eloise up two weeks ago and we fell in love immediately.  She came from a greyhound farm, where they breed and raise dogs for racing.  Basically, she didn’t make the team, and that’s great for me.  She follows me all over the house, hangs out with me in my office, and goes with me to home depot to get bids.  She’s my new coworker.

Lastly, my reckless renovation.  We haven’t done much!  Ha!  Did you see that coming?  You definitely did.  We put the ceiling back together, that’s pretty much it.  Here is a pic…


For the month of March, my goals are centered around branding and marketing.  No one will contact me, if they don’t know I exist.

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