If we make it through December, and reckless renovation

Are you familiar with the late great Merle Haggard?  He has a song called “If We Make It Through December” and my husband would lightheartedly sing it throughout this past December.  In early December my mother fell and was on the ground, trapped by her own scooter for around 12 hours.  This resulted in a lengthy hospital stay, followed by in-patient rehab, followed by skilled nursing.  I spent weeks in Sherman, TX while she was in the hospital, but for rehab and skilled nursing I am lucky to have her a mere mile from my home in Round Rock.  There is still a long way to go and lots of uncertainty ahead.  I’ve found it difficult to stay positive lately simply because I have no control and I can’t make a plan for any amount of time in the future.  I just keep reminding myself that as frustrating as this is for me, it is even more so for my mother.  She hasn’t seen her own home for nearly two months.  Just this past Friday, I walked her, in the nursing home’s janky wheelchair, the 1.1 mile to my house to hang out with her dog and cat.  She hadn’t seen them in nearly two months, so it was the best day she’s had in a while.  Things have been tough and I’ve done a lot of feeling sorry for myself for all the things that are on my plate, but that achieves nothing.  I have to get plenty of sleep and get down to business.

Speaking of business… it’s been fantastic!  I picked up a record 5 new clients just in January!  4 from referrals and 1 that found me online (I think).  I’ve been so busy and doing so many sketchup layouts, I’ve dramatically improved the speed at which I turn out drawings.  I also managed to accomplish all of my goals for January.  Gain an additional client? Check! I gained 2!  Update Sketchup? Done!  Create a blog post?  Well, according to the 30 days hath December rhyme, I still have one more day sooo… Done!  Just in time.  The challenge now is to keep this going.

Lastly, the progress on my reckless DIY renovation.  Ya’ll… we haven’t done much.  We decided to sledge hammer our walls at probably the worst time, lololol *laughing turns to Kim K cry face*.  Here are the updated pics.

We wanted to know if we needed a post at the corner or not, so we opened up the ceiling and… we didn’t need the post!!!
So the post that was formerly left behind by the white closet is now gone.
We have also since torn out the carpet.
We went ahead and added temporary furniture and chandeliers to confuse you into thinking these are completely finished rooms.  

That’s all I’ve got!  See you again in February when I cobble together another last minute post.

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  1. lol I think adding furniture totally counts as progress

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