From basic 90’s to fashion forward, bathroom transformation

You guys, I am so excited to reveal this finished master bathroom remodel.  After my first conversation with the home owner, I knew this space would be gorgeous.  It’s rare that you can get a client to go a little bit outside the box.  Most of us are afraid of bold decisions thinking that we’ll tire of them too quickly, or worse, that we’ll ruin our… I admittedly hate this phrase… resale value.  However, this client was clear early on that she was interested in exploring things like graphic tiles and gold accents.  I was ecstatic.  What we came away with is indeed bold, but also transcending.

Let’s start with the before photos.

How many times have you seen this?  Small glass shower, great big garden tub.


Builder grade cabinetry with a vanity opening that nobody uses and eliminates effective storage.

The most common bathroom modification I see is the elimination of the bath tub.  Personally, I still regularly soak in hot baths, but I’m definitely in the minority.  Losing the tub allows you to have a large, unencumbered, luxurious shower.  Use a wall of glass to close in that shower, and now you’ve made your bathroom feel much bigger and more open.

And now, here are the after photos!

4×16 subway shower wall tiles and octagon with black dot shower floor tiles came from Arizona Tile.
The star of the show, the main floor tiles, are cementine tiles from Clay Imports.  The client loved them so much, she has since redone her kitchen floor with a similar pattern.


Glass door from Glass Guru
The vanity was ordered from Houzz.  I wasn’t sure how an online vanity would work out having never done it before, but it came on time, undamaged, and is a quality piece.
Mirrors are from At Home.

I am so proud of this project and how well it turned out.  Thanks to OH15 Imaging for the photos!

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  1. Love it! We redid our bathroom last year and when we told the contractor we wanted to take out the tub he laughed at us and told us it would make the house harder to resell. I’m so glad we did end up going with a large standing shower and glass door. Love the tile and vanity you chose there too!

  2. Love it! I’m working on doing the same to my master for the shower. What did you do with the window?

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