What does an interior designer even do?

Why would someone even need an interior designer?  The short answer is, well, not everyone does.  However, for those that do, it can make your remodel exponentially less frustrating.  I break my services down into smaller, less expensive components so that there is something for everyone.

  1. Simple layouts

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Interior design isn’t all about colors and textures.  Sometimes it’s all about the layout and function of a space.  Maybe you want an island in the kitchen, but you’re not sure if you have enough room.  Maybe you want to see a couple of different options in 3D because you’re not sure which to chose.  Or perhaps you just need help conveying your wishes to a contractor or supplier.  For instance, even a highly skilled do it yourselfer might need a low cost cabinet layout for any ready-to-assemble brand just to make sure they order the right pieces. I’m all too happy to provide that.  When helping someone create a layout, I listen closely to their needs and wants, and provide insight and suggestions.

2.  Material sourcing and style assistance


Material sourcing and style assistance go hand in hand.  This is a more labor intensive service and invaluable to anyone who doesn’t have the time to scour every tile store in town for that perfect shower floor.  Instead, I do the scouring, and bring the samples to you.  If you change your mind, 1 or 5 times, I go out and I do it again.  No problem.  I contact the cabinet vendors, and I gather prices from multiple sources.  The same goes for glass and countertops.  Again, I listen closely to your desires and I don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.  I give my professional opinions when it comes to style, but I welcome disagreement as it better helps me to understand your taste.

3.  Basically, your remodeling personal assistant


Last month, I had a little snafu with our glass vendor.  They had limited available times for the measurement appointment that weren’t lining up with my client’s available to time to take off work.  Never fear, your designer is here… at your house explaining our expectations to the glass guy so you can stay at work.  I am your advocate and your right hand.  If something doesn’t go as planned, and it will usually happen, I will work non stop until we can get a solution.

Like I said, not everyone needs a designer, but if you do, I’m here to help.

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