Home goals for 2017

The tree is gone. The decorations have all been put away, leaving the house feeling spacious and open.  Ah, it feels great!  Now I get to look around and see what projects I want to tackle.  These might only cover the first part of 2017, but here is what I’ve got so far….


I’m not certain what will happen in this hallway, but it will definitely change.  I was thinking of trying to create some sort of funky collage, mixing family photos with weird art.  Something like this.


Next up is this quilt on the plank wall.  My MIL gave this to us.  It was made by my husband’s great grandmother and I think it’s amazing.  I want my husband to build a frame so the quilt can wrap around it like a canvas.  Right now it’s just tacked to the wall so I can feel it out.


Last, and the one I’m most excited about… my granny’s console!  It’s a pretty cool piece of furniture and I want to bring into the 21st century, so I can eliminate all those white cabinets around the TV.  My neighbor started a youtube channel where he does handy stuff sooooo… I’m trying to con him into helping my husband with the console redo, you know, for content and stuff.  This piece I found on pinterest had inspired me, but I think hubs just gave pink the veto.  Here are a few more pics of the console itself.  I gotta 8 track, y’all!

Are you a project addict like me?  Do you have any planned for 2017?

-Alecia LOFX

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  1. Funny I am kinda doing a funky gallery wall thing too but I have been buying canvases and letting the kids do that part! I have so many projects I want to tackle. I want to make a clock from our old fence wood, I have a pallet I want to make a coffee table from and I want to refinish this old microwave cabinet that’s been sitting in my garage for years.

    1. Brad made our coffee table from old fence. Kinda great because the kids can abuse it and it’s ok because it’s just an old fence.

      1. I love your coffee table! hmmmm I think If Bill needs more content he can come over here too!

  2. Go a little more coral on the paint color.

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