After Photos #5: IKEA Bodbyn

I really love this latest set of after photos.  A husband and wife realty team did an amazing flip on a North Austin home built sometime in the 80’s.  The couple pulled off an impressive self installation and significantly reduced their costs.  I loved seeing the result of all their hard work.  They did an excellent job.


miksch beforemiksch before 2

The Plan

Screenshot 2016-07-16 15.19.58Screenshot 2016-07-16 15.20.12Screenshot 2016-07-16 15.20.38

Originally we weren’t sure if the portion of the wall to the left of the stove would be coming out.  We went ahead and planned a cabinet there that was later omitted.



How amazing is this kitchen?!  The cost for cabinets came in under $3500.  After that, you’re left with flooring, counters, backsplash, fridge and micro hood.  I don’t know what was spent on those items, but I’m going to guess $3000 – $5000.

Here are some bonus photos of a little more than the kitchen.  It’s gorgeous!


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