Reasons to consider an IKEA kitchen

I plan a lot of different kitchens every week.  I also plan a lot of IKEA kitchens every week.  Of all the brands, the one that causes the most apprehension and insecurity in a client is the IKEA kitchen.  So, let’s talk about reason why you shouldn’t dismiss this affordable kitchen option.

“Sure.  But, not in a really nice, or big house.”


Wrong.  Do you see the view out the window above?  There is also an infinity pool you can’t see that overlooks those gorgeous hills.  I’ve done plenty of amazing kitchens in high end homes.  Here is another example of a great looking high end IKEA kitchen that I planned.  The designer from Austin Impressions threw in some amazing custom work to top it off.


“IKEA is cheap dorm furniture”

That isn’t completely untrue.  They do have $7 side tables, and $20 chairs.  It all depends on what you’re in the market for.  The reason that IKEA kitchens are so inexpensive (comparably) is because of the way that they are manufactured, shipped, and sold.  Since these kitchens are a modular concept, the same pieces can be produced over and over again.  Whether it be an 18″, or 30″ cabinet, all the vertical pieces are the same.  And just think about how many flat packed kitchens you can fit on one container truck?  Dozens, at least!  IKEA expects you to do some leg work in getting your kitchen purchased and put together.  You can always pay someone else to help you, and that will factor in to your overall costs.

I’ve got before/after photos of this self installed kitchen coming soon. After buying all new appliances, since they installed it on their own, I would be surprised if this kitchen topped 6k.  It turned out amazing!

“It will fall apart in a few years.”

All I have to say to that is, 25 year warranty.  And if you think they won’t honor that warranty 5, 10, or 20 years from now, you’re wrong.  I’ve seen them do it.  So long as you bought the kitchen and have proof of purchase (I always recommend putting the receipt in a ziplock, taped to the inside of a cabinet), they will fix whatever went wrong.  It’s really not that difficult if you think about it.  It’s modular!  All they really have to do is swap out parts and pieces.

“It’s not solid wood.”

Correct.  It isn’t.  That is a huge hang up with a lot of people and I can’t blame them.  My 1984 solid wood cabinets are (unfortunately) still standing strong.  However, I hate my cabinets.  Getting them refaced would cost just as much as a whole new kitchen and I wouldn’t be increasing functionality.  IKEA’s cabinet frames are particle board with white or dark brown plastic laminate.  This is true of most production line cabinetry that you will find at other big box stores.  To get solid wood, you will likely be going custom and paying quite a bit more.  MDF is more eco friendly, cost effective, and if you aren’t looking at the frame, I don’t think you are losing out.  This is just my opinion, but as technology has changed and advanced, I find less reason to think that solid wood is really that much more superior.  As an example, recycled glass and Quartz (90% ground quartz combined with 5-10% polymer) have overthrown solid granite as the countertop of choice because it is more durable.

“What if I go to sell the house, and nobody likes my cabinets.”

I hear this one a lot when someone is contemplating going a bit more bold with their doors.  Do it!  If you sell the house, or just change your mind in 5 – 10 years, just go get some new doors.  Or tell your buyers that your entire kitchen is easily changeable.  My biggest peeve with my current cabinets is that all my storage choices are dictated by the cabinet configuration.  I didn’t chose it, and I can’t change it.  It is what it is.  With IKEA, you can take a cabinet box and completely change it’s layout to something that works better for you.

In short, the Swedes are masters of efficiency and the IKEA cabinet line is a stunning example of that.  Go to a store, open some drawers, and know that it’s ok to have an IKEA kitchen.



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