After Photos #4: IKEA Veddinge

I’m really raking in the after photos lately!  The latest bunch were sent to me via a client with amazing quirk and style.  As soon as I walked into her little old house outside of Austin, I knew this would be a fun session.  I also want to make mention of what a budget friendly kitchen we did here.  Budgets are real and responsible, and they don’t mean you can’t have a wonderful, stylist kitchen.




This kitchen was straight out of the 60’s.  The fridge was up against the stove, something I really don’t like to see.  Piping hot things need a place to go, so if I see a stove set up like that I make it my mission to try to change it.  In addition, the fridge was blocking and closing off that end of the kitchen.

The Plan

If you can tell for the floor plan view, we decided to move the refrigerator to the other side of the room.  The wine fridge you see in the before photos also moved over to that corner and a set of drawers were put in it’s place.  There were already pantries on that end of the room, opposite the new fridge location, so we just replaced those with IKEA pantries to match the rest of the kitchen, and to restructure that storage space to be more efficient.  We did end up with a dead corner between the stove and dishwasher areas.  IKEA only has two corner cabinet options and both were just too big.  However, in forgoing a corner cabinet on one side, we ended up with an extra set of drawers for utensils/rags/whatever next to the stove.  To fill the space next to the dishwasher, we did a custom 5″ wide “cookie sheet” cabinet, which is also a cool thing to have so close to the stove.   I was so excited about the new layout!  Moving the fridge really opened it up, put all the food storage on one end, and created a more functional work space around the stove.  As far as style goes….



**Style selections were all made by the client and she did an excellent job**

The green horizontal doors are so much fun!  The backsplash brings a fun texture into the space.  The butcher block top is very affordable, warms the space up, gives it a throwback look, and is also very durable.  I had the same counter at my little old house in Celina, TX and I abused the heck out of it.  It held up well.  I also want to mention the appliances here.  The client wanted something retro and if you’ve ever googled “retro appliances” you’ll get quite a bit of sticker shock.  Big Chill and Smeg are the two most common and they command very high prices.  Just before I had done this planning session, I had been to a friend’s house and seen her new GE Artistry series appliances.  They were stunning, and a fraction of the price of the above mentioned brands.  In this kitchen, they really top off that retro look.

The cost of the cabinets, sink, faucet, and range hood for this kitchen came out to around $4500.  The installation cost was around $2100.  The cost for all new appliances (per Home Depot prices) would have been just over $2000 (range, dishwasher, fridge).

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