I have mentioned before on my instagram that I love in line kitchens.  For a small space, their efficiency can’t be beat, and this space was indeed small!  A lovely couple had recently downsized to a small condo that needed a complete overhaul and the previous kitchen went away altogether.

ferrin before

The previous layout was inefficient and cramped.  The client was open to every idea so we toyed around with various layouts.  We marked out different ways to include peninsulas and islands, but these options all caused the kitchen to come too far out into the rest of the condo.  With an inline kitchen they would be able to have a large dining table for entertaining, still retain a comfortable living space, and also have a kitchen that feels big.

ferrin elevFerrin floor

ferrin render
The Plan

I was sent to the client through the IKEA kitchen planning service so we created the plan with IKEA cabinets in mind.  The client ended up finding cabinets that better suited them at The RTA Store and the result is stunning.

ferrin after


ferrin after 2

These cabinets are gorgeous and full of detail.  I love the wine lattice over the sink!

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