Asymmetry Saturday #1

I have a thing with symmetry.  It’s not that I hate it.  Symmetry is all great and lovely when it works out.  However, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes your space is too small, or your structural elements/utilities make splitting your space perfectly in half impossible.  I have had the occasional client who just couldn’t get over this spacial travesty, and in trying to attain it, were willing to forfeit function.  As a functionalist, it hurts my heart.  I’ve done away with drawers, added unnecessary fillers, and created dead corners, all in the holy name of all that is symmetry.  Dead corners!!!!

So I bring you Asymmetry Saturday!  Every week we will celebrate all that is lop sided, off center, and askew.

I’m starting off with my own asymmetry and a couple of things I found online.  Send me your own asymmetry pics and I’ll post them here every Saturday!

This is my chimney.  I think this would drive quite a few people crazy.
I actually didn’t notice this one for a while, and neither did any of my neighbors until I pointed it out, lol!

And last, these awesomely asymmetric kitchens.



– Alecia

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