After Photos 1: IKEA Kitchen Grimslov

Most of my work is with IKEA cabinets and I love it.  I have an entire post I plan to write about why I love them so much, but that will come later.  For now, enjoy some plans and after pics of a kitchen I did last summer.  The client was really pleased with the result and that makes me really pleased as well.

Screenshot 2016-02-01 15.26.37This was in a small old house that, I believe, is being used as a vacation rental.  Space was at a premium and we had a couple of challenges to overcome.  We used a 24″ sink vs a 36″.  The 36″ pushed the dishwasher too far right and into a load bearing column.  Going with a 24″ also made it easier to center the sink under the window.  Back to that pesky column, we used a 15″ deep base cabinet to simply go around it.  From the front, the cabinet looks no different and the column is wrapped with countertop.  The fridge and stove area is very tight, but we were able to squeeze in some counter on both sides of the stove and small pantry to the right of the fridge.

Screenshot 2016-02-01 15.25.49
I don’t have any after photos of this particular elevation.
Screenshot 2016-02-01 15.25.36
A 10″ cabinet and 9″ wine rack to the right of the stove and microwave.  It isn’t much, but I try to avoid and end of run stove whenever possible.  Both upper and lower corner cabinets have a lazy susan and offer tons more storage space than your typical fixed shelf blind corner.
This after photo shows quite a bit of my next elevation as well.  Notice the beam to the right of the glass cabinets with red plates.
Screenshot 2016-02-01 15.26.20
I was really excited about how much drawer space we were able to get into this kitchen.  I’m also really fond of doing benches under windows in kitchens.  Doing that gave us a nice place to have a cup of coffee and also added some much needed storage.
If this weren’t a vacation rental the owner might have opted for solid doors on the wall cabinets as those serve as more functional storage.  However, I do love the bright open feeling of the glass and how the owner used the cabinet’s contents to add color.


Keep coming back for more after photos and projects that I’m working on.


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