That glorious 80’s kitchen

Every week I go into a house that is a veritable time capsule of 1980’s magic.  While I appreciate the historic value, and enjoy briefly gazing upon it, I think we can all agree that those kitchens are now hideous.  However I often wonder what it was like when it was new.  How excited was the owner?  Was it the envy of the neighborhood?  Well, thanks to The Goldberg’s, all my questions have been answered.

In the latest episode, the Goldberg’s neighbors, the Kremp’s, get a new kitchen and the scene that unfolded was everything I could hope for.  I took some screen shots.


Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.45.24
“… and every shade of brown.”


Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.31.25
I have actually been on the hunt for one of these tea kettles.  I love to pot too! 
Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.31.44
You don’t see garden windows anymore, but I remember my mom putting one in, and it was just as filled with foliage.
Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.46.26
“It’s beautiful.  Like dirty snow.”
Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.46.52
Lol, this one cracks me up the most.  I will say, vinyl flooring has come a very long way and there are some vinyl planks that do look like real wood.
Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.47.10
Function, folks.  It was important then too.


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